Increasing Recycling Through Regionalism


Today's meeting of Connecticut's Solid Waste Advisory Committee (SWAC) focused on regionalism.

One of the challenges Connecticut faces in its efforts to increase recycling and reduce waste is the fact that waste and recycling is managed on the local level. That's 169 cities and towns each responisble for waste and recycling within its borders.

Through regionalism, we can acheive efficiencies of scale, save taxpayers money, and increase recycling. That's why ConnPIRG Education Fund echoed the recomendation of the Governor's Modernizing Recycling Group that Connecticut pursue regional solutions in our report, The Zero Waste Solution.

Today's presenters included Daniel Morley from the Office of Policy and Management, State Senator Steve Cassano, and Lyle Wray from the Capitol Region Council of Governments.  You can read more at the SWAC hompage.

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