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Connecticut earns a “B” for transparency in government spending, according to an annual report card grading the 50 states in online access to data on where taxpayer dollars are spent.

The grade comes from the 5th annual “Following The Money” report by the ConnPIRG Education Fund. The report grades states from “A” to “F” based on the content and accessibility of each their transparency websites.

Connecticut’s “B” represents a step up from last year’s report card where the group gave the state a “C+.” However, the state website was outpaced by more comprehensive sites from states like Florida, Indiana, Iowa, Massachusetts, Oregon, Texas, Vermont, and Wisconsin.

The report calls Connecticut an “advancing state” and cites two recent executive orders by Gov. Dannel P. Malloy designed to improve access to information on economic subsidies handed out to businesses and establishing an “open data portal.” But it also said information on business tax credits are not as transparent as similar programs in other states.

In a statement, ConnPIRG Director Abe Scarr said there has been a trend throughout the country to give taxpayers easier access to data on how their money is spent so that they can hold elected officials subsidy recipients accountable.

“Connecticut has taken some positive steps this year to keep up with the rising transparency standards, and we hope Connecticut takes further steps to become a national leader,” he said.

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